Seven Keys to Personal Success

Have you ever wondered how the incredibly successful people you know managed to achieve it? Does it just confuse you as to how people like Mark Zuckerberg strike it so rich, so young? Okay, we can’t all be Steve Jobs, but there is untold potential within you, you just need to learn to create self-supporting habits that will help you achieve success. Your behaviors are determined by your habits, so everything that you have achieved so far and everything that you will… is down to your habits.

Self-Supporting Habits For Success

• Pursue Your Passions – humans generally seek stability, especially when it comes to a career. However, those people who achieve untold success are willing to pursue the things that truly interest them. People work harder when they truly love what they’re doing.

• Seek A Mentor – having a mentor is one smart way to steer your way to success. There are different types of people you can turn to as a mentor – it may be a parent, teacher, someone within your career, it could be a famous person whose books you turn to for advice or guidance or even yourself. What successful people are able to do is learn from the mistakes they make. The latter is powerful, what greater motivation than turning failure around.

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• Dreams Become Goals – yes, not only is it important for you to pursue your passions, equally, you can use your dreams to set your goals. You may have been given the task of creating a vision board in high school and don’t knock it… make your own vision board, one that is a simple bullet-point of your dreams and then build your goals around those dreams.

• Make Lists – what good is having goals if you don’t have an action plan to achieve them? The key to success is breaking your goals down into the steps it will take to achieve them. Creating processes is the key to creating success.

• Be Health Conscious – this might not seem like something of great importance, but… without your health you are nothing. So, eat the right types of food and be mindful of your portions, exercise regularly, and always get a good night’s sleep.

• Be Honest – you may think of successful people as ruthless and perhaps even underhanded, but in all honesty… honesty is vital. You should show principle in every action, be objective (not only with the world, but also with yourself), and this allows you to create a vision for your life that will be consistent with your values and ideals. Don’t compromise when it comes to integrity, don’t sacrifice your peace of mind for anything (or anyone). Honesty is the key to unlocking success and grooming the rest of the self-supporting habits on your list.

• Self-Discipline – when it comes right down to it, the list above is useless without self-discipline. The ability to control yourself is one of the most important qualities that you will develop, and it’s a habit that goes hand in hand with every success in every aspect of your life.

Each of these habits will help you develop as a person and grow your success. The habits that you have as of now are what got you where you are today, but if you want to keep growing and improving then it’s time to build on those habits and become a more focused and driven person. Your success is in your hands and all it’s going to take for you to achieve it is the ability to take the bull by the horns and grab what’s yours.

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