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Not All CBD Products Are Alike

Understanding Different CBD Oil Strengths

When you’re trying to make a decision about what kind of dosage strength you want to
get for your first CBD oil, the terms and strengths might seem sort of confusing. If
you’ve already tried to read the numbers you see on the bottles, but still have no idea
what is going on, then you will be happy to have found this article. If you continue
reading along, then you will find information explaining the different CBD oil strengths.

Start Off Small

It’s exciting to try something new, but start off with the lowest dose so that you can
monitor your responses. This prevents you from wasting product by taking way more
than you need. Allow your body to tell you everything before you move forward with
upping the doses.

Low Potency

When you’re first getting started, try this CBD oil. Low potency usually means that it
contains about 300 mg in a bottle. This dosage is usually used for people who suffer
from anxiety that isn’t especially severe. These doses are also great for delivering some
of the immune health benefits found in CBD oil. This is also a better choice for
people who have sensitivity to CBD products. At this level, you may notice some very
light pain relief. This also makes it a great dose for those who simply enjoy taking CBD
as a health supplement.

Mid-range Potency

At this range, the dose will be about 600 mg. This would be about double the dose
compared to the low-level dose of 300 mg. This is more likely to be used in place of
medication for more difficult anxiety disorders. It is also common in cases of minor but
repetitive pains, and digestive problems. Doubling up on the doses at this tier are
significantly different than those in the first level. Autoimmune patients are likely to use
this as a way to control inflammation and help them to relax.

High Potency

At this level, the potency of the CBD has reached 1000 mg. This dose is generally used
for the most severe cases of anxiety. Studies linking CBD to panic attack relief have
given way to it being used to soothe depression and other disorders. It’s a good idea to
be relatively careful with this dosage amount. Doubling up on a dosage could cause
excessive drowsiness, and that could be bad if you weren’t planning on being asleep
yet. Anti-inflammatory properties at this level will be pronounced.


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