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Happiness & Contentment Come From within

We all hear talk of happiness and contentment, but what exactly is it? It comes from a place of thankfulness and satisfaction. For where you are in life and for who you are now. It’s inner peace and there are everyday actions that can produce it, but really… it comes from within.

In truth, we are all chasing contentment and we all chase a different path in our attempts to do so. When you do so through logic and reason you understand that we are but a small and insignificant part of the universe. Yet, as earth’s advanced species we dominate the planet, and through a combination of hard work and luck, we can enjoy a happy life, filled with love, laughter, and entertainment. We suffer from illness, we are greedy and self-interested and subject to violence. As a species, humans are frail… but we can still celebrate our position.

You can chase contentment as long and as hard as you like, but these solutions are only short-term. They won’t provide you with long-term contentment and happiness. Our search leads us to material items, seeking more pay in a better job, a relationship that is happier than the one we’re in or a newer and bigger car. You’d be better off making friends with yourself, even when your contentment appears to stem from an external source, it isn’t – it’s coming from within.

Why Contentment Comes From Within

First, you will need to acknowledge that contentment is a state of mind. It can be created through positive emotions, which means that you can create it. When you consider the fact that your emotions stem from your thoughts then the importance of your thoughts becomes clearer. It can be difficult to manage your emotions and it can be even more difficult to change your stream of thought. Especially when you consider that you think over 30,000 different thoughts every single day. Your brain is a non-stop thought train, but the key to creating a healthy state of mind is a positive attitude.

Contentment is a product of your mind and if you want to lead a happy life then your contentment is something you need to work at every day. So, start by taking an account of what makes you happy and go out of your way to enjoy them.

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First, avoid anything that makes you unhappy. There may be certain things that are unavoidable, but you can try to minimize their impact. Remember, contentment comes from within, so it shouldn’t be something that you need to chase down or even look for. It’s been inside of you all along, you just need to learn how to tap into it. It’s a choice.

Creating True Happiness

Just because contentment comes from within, doesn’t mean you don’t need to work at it. It’s up to you to create happy habits that will foster contentment. Look for the many reasons in your life that bring you happiness.

Manage the negatives in your life by practicing relaxation techniques that will allow you the peace and focus to remove the negative thoughts from your mind. Start by forgetting that negatives even exist, it’s time to change your way of thinking and learn to put a positive spin on everything. Forget anger, dismiss hatred and fear, rid yourself of ego and frustration, and purge the stress and tension from your body.

Fill yourself with positivity by replacing the negatives that you purged with kindness, compassion, hope, desire, gratitude, love, and positivity. You don’t need to climb a mountain in Tibet or go to Hawaii to find your true happiness. You can create it within yourself and tap into it daily.

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