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Cannabidiol (CBD) — what we know and what we don’t

How to use CBD Oil Tincture

If you’re reading this article, then you’ve probably been looking up information on CBD for a little while. You may have heard about its amazing benefits, and the many ways that it can be taken, or this might be your first time finding out that delivery options are
actually pretty widely available and suit the needs of a lot of people, but one of the most interesting of the delivery methods comes in the form of the tincture. This is where a concentrated mixture is added to a delivery system that allows it to be absorbed through blood vessels in your tongue.

Shake It Up

When you first get your bottle of solution, it’s likely that it will have separated. If you have a dark bottle then the visibility of the liquid inside of it may be severely limited,
which is important for the retention of the product’s effectiveness. It shouldn’t take longer than a minute of shaking. If you skip this step, you might find that you haven’t consume anything but one of the carrier oils that was used in the process of bottling the CBD.

Once you’re sure that the product is decently mixed, you can then get in position toremove the dropper from the bottle. You might want to keep this bottle cool when you’re
not using it. While not really needed, this can help keep the potency from decreasingover time. Keeping it at room temperature keeps it ready to use at a moment’s notice,so you might want to weigh your options.

Squeeze to Fill the Dropper

Now that the mixture has been blended by shaking, you can now remove the lid andsqueeze the dropper so that the applicator can be filled. Be mindful of the time of dayand the amounts of CBD that you’re taking, as they can cause you to become sleepy.

Drop It

Once the pipette has been filled, you can take the full pipette from the mouth of the bottle and drop some under your tongue. CBD tinctures are usually non-psychoactive, so you can take more if you feel like you need a higher dose. You can also drop some
of the mixture onto food, or into your favorite drinks to promote calmness and wellbeing.
Just be aware that mixing tincture into foods or drinks that are ingested will cause the time period of absorption to take

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