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Garland Valley MSN, RN
Garland Valley MSN, RN

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Our mission is to promote quality of life and enhance individual well-being by providing resources, information, and products for body, mind, and spirit. Our purpose is to bring you new and interesting information and products that will stimulate the imagination, empower the spirit, comfort, heal, and energize the body. We select merchandise and resources based on quality, affordability, and intrinsic value to your well-being.


We hope you will enjoy your exploration of House of Gar’s unique and creative merchandise and services and that they will brighten your world, inspire creativity to promote harmony, well-being, and peace in your life.

The focus of our products, services, and resources is on improving quality of life utilizing the Holistic Health Model, Our mission is to enhance your life journey through creative inspiration and discovery of the infinitely creative and spiritual potential within us all. We continuously strive to contribute quality content to the vast selection of internet resources.

House of Gar is also your source for esoteric information on alternative healing modalities, spirituality, self-improvement, and self-development.

We respect and recognize all spiritual disciplines that promote health,  well-being, love, personal growth, spiritual and religious freedom. We do not endorse belief systems or organizations that promote hatred, discrimination, prejudice, violence, or religious intolerance. It is our belief that we are all one in the eyes of the universe.

We promote the Holistic Health concept of well-being recognizing that a whole being is more than merely a physical being but is also an emotional/intellectual and spiritual being. It is our mission to offer products and educational resources to support and assist you upon your life journey.

houseofGar.com was built for everyone seeking to enhance their individual expression, gain inspiration for inner growth, promote harmony in personal relationships, and those who believe that there is more to our world than that which we see with our physical eyes.

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House of Gar Health & Wellness articles, videos, and some promotional ebooks are offered to you for FREE!

If you are enjoying this blog please consider making a small donation through PayPal to help offset the cost of hosting, advertising, and other expenses incurred from operating an educational blog