How Social Media And Technology Contribute To Chronic Stress

How Social Media And Technology Contribute To Chronic Stress

The evolution of technology, and with it the appearance of social media has taken the world by storm. Things that seemed impossible at the turn of the millennium are now common place- and while this can, and should be used for your personal gain and growth, often it serves the purpose of just self-sabotage.

The result? Overwhelm, and worsening of chronic stress, even though these developments are at their root core, innovations to make our life easier. It’s no surprise that before the advent of the industrial age people slept better, had more sex and were just in better health (excluding the poor access to medicine). Sometimes, simplicity is best, as it turns out.

Wondering how technology/ social media can be contributing to your chronic stress? Let’s explore them:

Peer Pressure

Yes, peer pressure is not something reserved for teenagers in high school, as social media has made that painfully obvious. Nothing can make you feel worse about yourself than seeing all you friends in luxurious locations during their vacations, while you haven’t had one in over 10 years.

Their relative success and your modest living can make you feel insignificant, and as if you’re a failure. That is truly a heavy burden to carry around day after day, and will undoubtedly seep into your daily life, affecting relationships and job performance.

Information Overload

You cannot trust everything you see on the internet. This is painfully true when you just made a presentation with false info, which was debunked by your professor or boss. While the internet has definitely served the purpose of making information available to the masses, there are sadly more fakes out there purporting to be experts, than actual experts sharing their knowledge.

Not to mention the pain of having multiple sources claim different things, which is the fastest way to discourage you. Is the earth flat or round? You decide. With “experts” on both side of the fence, your guess becomes as good as anyone else’s.

Technology Is Designed To Become Obsolete

Do you notice how every year a new phone or device is released, touting mega improvements to some aspect of their makeup? This is a concerted effort to squeeze every ounce of money out of you as they can. Can devices be made more durable or in such a way that you do not require to change yours at least once every 5 years? Absolutely. But then companies would lose out financially, as you have no incentive to upgrade your hardware/ software. So, instead they make it necessary to purchase add on services regularly, be that software of through physical upgrades.

Loss Of Sleep

Artificial light was one of the best, and worst inventions of our time. Thanks to artificial light, mankind has been working longer hours ever since, pushing productivity through the roof, but our lifespan, into the ground.

A sacrifice has to be made, and that is usually our health, and in particular your sleep. Social media and technology doesn’t help either, as you can waste hours playing a game, or scrolling endlessly through your news feed or whatever, instead of getting true restorative sleep. But then again, that’s an incorrectly held notion with today’s society- that sleep is a waste of time, and we should be “working” instead.


When people think of addictions, drinking like comes to mind first and foremost. But there is a growing trend of digital addiction, which you may not even realize you are taking part of. Among these are social media, which you incessantly must be on to see what your friends post, online gambling, or even pornography.

While all three of these addictions required discretion in the past, they are available in the comfort of your home today. The net result? Undue stress from excessive money loss, or depression from seeing an ex enjoying life while you stalk.

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